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Our Products comply with the highest quality standards, we are the experts.

Deutz 12 Kva diesel set.
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All our products is guaranteed and support is available 24 hours a day.

Mobile Gen sets
Tow Behind Sets


We manufacture tow behind generator sets, our trailer chassis is extra heavy duty and comply with the latest road ordonnance. Custom off road options also available.

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We Specialize in Silent Gen Sets. We set new quality standards from 20 Kva up to 1200 Kva.

Proven Technology

Only renowned brands is used in our products, to ensure parts availability and quality.

AMF and ATS Panels

Support, Sales and Product Monitoring, ATS and AMF Panels. Some brand names are Lovato, Hagar, Deep Sea Electronics. Professional and quality service.

Top Performance

Our complete product range Gen-Sets is rated at prime power therefore you buy a machine that is rated for what it delivers, any time.

Power Pack Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel powered machines that deliver excellence.

Generators Johannesburg, need n gen set for your business or home? Newtontech can supply and maintain your Gen-Set up to 800Kva. Larger gen sets available up to 2 MW.

Our generators gives you the following benefits: quality, competitive price, engineered with years of experience, leading brand components, installations. We do it all, from the manufacture up to the final product delivered and installed. Our gen sets is manufactured in Pretoria South Africa. Country wide deliveries and support available. We also export to neighbor countries.

Newtontech is a Technologies company that design and develops machinery and gen sets. Our main product line is diesel Gen Sets. Here a few points to take note in choosing the correct generator:

  • First: the phases, single or three phase.
  • Second: Now the amperes needed to start and run your appliances and machinery.
  • Third: Industrial or commercial use.
  • Fourth: Noise levels. Where will the gen set be used?
  • Fifth: Stationary or movable.
We can assist you to choose the correct gen set for your needs.


  • Quality reliable diesel generators South Africa Joburg.
  • User friendly operating panel.
  • Heavy duty chassis and good insulated body panels.
  • Large stainless steel integrated fuel tanks.
  • Customer support and friendly advice.
  • Various add on options, fuel pumps, heaters and more.
  • Smart phone and I phone compatible app, controller and management option.
  • GPS and internet monitoring options.
  • Latest model engines and alternator technologies built in.
  • Also for Standby Generator Use.

Power Pack Series

Newtontech Diesel Power

This product is in a class of its own, we set our own standards for the Power Pack series.

As an industrial gen set, it must run at 1500 rpm.

Large stainless steel fuel tank to run at least 12 hours on a single tank of fuel on full load, some of our products even have larger tanks.

Why use Stainless Steel? This ensures no rust in any situation, if you put clean fuel in, it will then deliver clean fuel.

We use Deep Sea electronics that is durable and tested to manage and controlled our generators, also with sensing on all the major elements of the machine like temperature, oil pressure, volts, fuel, load and more to protect the engine and alternator.

Strong chassis and body section.

Silent exhaust system, without unnecessary back pressures that is tested and computer simulated to perfection.

This machines is developed in every detail and designed with state of the art computer programs to perfection. Every part is individually numbered and manufactured to required specification, all the steel elements is cnc laser cut, and where applicable, the steel is formed with cnc bending machines. This ensures parts that fits to perfection.

Our Power Pack series is fitted and bolted together with electro plated high tensile bolts, to ensure a neat and rust free machine.

Recent Generator sets

Browse through the vast selection of gen sets that have recently been added to our inventory.

Power Pack 12
Gen Set
Diesel Generator
Power Pack 20
Deutz 3Cyl
Silent Generator
100 Kva Cummins Power
Delivering Excellence
Gen Sets
Newtontech Power Pack Range
Power Pack 250
Volvo Engine
Reliable power.
Large Power Pack range
300Kva up to 800 Kva
Volvo and Cummins Powered.
Genuine Quality.
Tow behind product range
Tow behind Power Gen set.
Mobile Power up to 100Kva
Reliable heavy duty chassis.
white gen set
Power Pack 12 White Option
Brand new Gen Sets
Ultra Silent Option
Full Automatic
200 Kva Volvo
Latest Electronic Controlled Generator
Fully Guaranteed Generator Sets
Gen set sales and support
500 Kva Volvo
Robust Design
When Failure is not an option
Twin Turbo
800 Kva Cummins
Engine from the USA, Tested by Millions.
Industrial Sets.



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